As a result of my healing journey with Dalkoiya, I can confidently say that my life has transformed for the better! Up until meeting you, I struggled with my health so much so, that it hindered my life as a whole.

Thanks to your help this last 6-months, I haven’t been sick frequently like I have for most of my life. My throat symptoms I often struggled with are gone. My immune system is more balanced. The stress and anxiety I often experienced, I rarely experience now. As a college student, my friends are amazed at how I can now balance so much with ease and little stress.

I feel more at peace in myself than I ever have in my life. Feeling this free and alive is so refreshing. I sincerely feel more amazing than I have felt in my life. I truly believe that Dalkoiya has the secret to living a healthier and happier life.

Julia Antonia

College Student

When I began my healing journey with Dalkoiya 8 months ago, I was in fear for my life.

For the last 2 years, I had been experiencing strange symptoms, and my ability to physically function and live my life was declining.

I had seen many doctors and specialists. I had done all types of testing to understand what was going on with my health. Two neurologists gave me the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and the prognosis that my life was basically over. I felt deeply depressed and I was very stressed. I was so overwhelmed and frustrated when I met Dalkoiya, I could barely go on.

I was ready to heal and be free of my symptoms and suffering!

Dalkoiya helped me save my own life! I had to do the work, though he showed me the way. He devoted a lot of time to me, getting to know me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I felt supported in a way I hadn’t by all the doctors and specialists I had been to in the last 2 years.

Dalkoiya has a wisdom and experience in holistic health and healing of illness, disease, and trauma at its source, rather than treating symptoms alone. His perspectives on disease and illness are so refreshing and liberating they create space for deep healing to happen.

Dalkoiya helped me in ways that no doctor, medication, or surgery had or could. He has such a profoundly peaceful and healing energy that I look forward to being in his presence every week.

After spending time with me weekly, for a few months, he felt I had been misdiagnosed, that I didn’t have Parkinson’s, but rather a tremor caused by a lifestyle of systemwide stress. This relieved a lot of anxiety for me, and opened up space within me, to heal.

Dalkoiya has helped me successfully learn how to live inside myself and how to live my life in ways that sustain my health and wellbeing. I was unconscious on so many levels of how I was living that were causing all the symptoms I was experiencing. I had subtle and significant habits, behaviors, patterns and addictions that were creating dis-ease and tremors in my body.

Dalkoiya has helped me become freer within, and has helped me redesign my life so that it nourishes, on all levels, my health and wellbeing. He helped me realize over time, in very loving and caring ways, that I was creating much of my suffering and symptoms of tremors. And, most importantly, he helped me learn how to function in healthier ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I now have a much greater understanding and connection to my body and how to listen to it and care for it moment to moment. I am honestly amazed at the level of health and wellness I am experiencing sustainably, now 8 months later! I am actually grateful for the tremor and the way it lead me to Dalkoiya.

I am consistently experiencing more peace and freedom within myself than I have ever felt in my life!

To be here now is truly astounding.

Thank you Dalkoiya!

Kevin Contreras

CEO & Eco Investor, Building Green Inc.

Prior to meeting you, I had honestly been struggling with my health for most of my life and this inhibited my overall success in life. Your rare level of experience and support profoundly changed my life. I have received support from a lot of health practitioners in my life though, never has someone cared as much and given the time to understand me as deeply as you have Dalkoiya. My healing journey with you has resulted in me being sustainably healthier than I have ever been in my life, which has been pivotal for me to achieve the levels of fulfilling success I experience today. You have truly guided me from my history to my highest and healthiest self.

Amateo Ra

CEO & Founder, Avant Terra LLC


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I went through a devastating loss and trauma, and knew I needed help. Dalkoiya’s extraordinary wisdom and ability to implement holistic healing is an incredible contribution to our collective next level of health and healing. I am 100% sure that Dalkoiya’s assistance ensured my vital recovery and realization that suffering is a choice, not a situation. Dalkoiya assisted me to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through this challenging time in my life. It brought me to an expanded awareness of myself, in all ways. I am forever grateful. And extremely healthy and happy!

Lori Ann David

Designer – Artist - Organic Farmer, Aurora Farms

I started my healing journey with Dalkoiya just over 1 year ago. I am truly in awe of how profoundly my life has improved within this time!

When I first spoke with Dalkoiya I was experiencing significant pain and discomfort in my legs and had for over a year. I had gone to many doctors, specialists, had numerous tests, tried all kinds of remedies and nothing was resolving the pain in my legs. I was on several pharmaceutical medications, experiencing significant side affects and about to start anti-depressants. My whole life until now was about competitive sports, athleticism and being a coach to high school kids. I was quite depressed because I couldn’t enjoy the level of athleticism that I love.

I believed in Dalkoiya and I was a bit skeptical of his approach as it was so different from anything I had experienced before. He kept expressing to me, that to successfully and sustainably resolve the pain in my legs required healing my whole way of life. I was desperate and ready for improvement so, I said yes to coaching with him long-term for 1 year.

As I look back on this last year to write this testimonial, I am truly, just WOW at how positively my life has changed!

The pain in my legs is gone and has been for many months.
My diet has improved exponentially and I feel more clear and energized than ever before.

I carried a lot of beliefs and heaviness from my childhood and I now feel more at peace, in love and free within myself. This in itself is astounding to me! My career has improved significantly as I now have a new job that I love and with people I love.

I am an empathic person I realize now and I struggled in relationships with my family, friends and career. It’s much easier for me now to enjoy my relations to others.

I now have a daily self care practice that supports me so deeply into love within myself. I love to play guitar and sing and I am now experiencing a whole new level of creativity, freedom and flow.

I am genuinely happy now for the first time in my life at 32 years of age!

The level of love, care, support, wisdom and expertise you have is extraordinary and very rare. I am forever grateful.

Thank you Dalkoiya!

Cameron Fitch

Athletic Performance Coach & Yoga Teacher

After two years of traumatic stress and anxiety I decided I would try the 7 Day Juice Cleanse at Alchemy Arts Center, facilitated by Dalkoiya Batchelor, to flush out the toxins. It was my first cleanse, and I was a little wary to say the least, but the support and teaching I received made me more comfortable, committed and grateful. I had no negative side effects, or hunger pains, and emerged feeling stronger, healthier, clearer and energized. The entire experience was transformative … I felt cleansed physically, emotionally and symbolically, and would have no hesitation in recommending Dalkoiya’s knowledge and experience in holistic health to change your life for the better, forever!

Corinna Gordon

Jewelry Designer & Interior Designer

Upon starting my healing journey with Dalkoiya, I was overweight, I often struggled with sleeplessness, had knee pain and lacked the energy I need to live my active lifestyle. I came to Dalkoiya to clean out my body, have a fresh start and learn how to eat healthier. My results as a client of Dalkoiya’s are honestly amazing! I feel better in my body, I have lost weight, my energy level is more sustainable, I sleep better, my mind is clearer, my skin looks like I just had a facial and my knee pain has subsided. I highly recommend Dalkoiya, as he has an extraordinarily rare level of wisdom and experience in holistic health, healing, nutrition and cleansing.

Dee Egar

Personal Assistant, The Towbes Group Inc.

Dalkoiya is a visionary of clear alignment and infinite potential. I see him holding the torch for humanity with passion and purpose. Dalkoiya is connected to his essence and committed to going all the way with himself and all who he works with. I believe he has the knowledge and gifts to assist people in the way that is most needed for their highest potential. He has inspired me and supported my passion for perfect nourishment and total vitality. I would not hesitate to seek his advise and counsel.

Shems Heartwell

Relationship Coach & Men's Coach