About Me

My name is Dalkoiya Batchelor.

I am regarded as one of the world’s pioneering Medical Intuitives + Holistic Health Practitioner + Trauma Practitioner + EMF Radiation Consultants specializing in Chronic Disease, Trauma, Addiction, Neurophysiology, Endocrine System, Nutrition, Nutritive Cleansing, Tonic Herbalism, Emotional Health, Mental Mastery, Meditation and EMF Radiation.

For over 15 years, I have successfully assisted women and men around the world to become free of trauma, illness and disease and live a more sustainably healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

My innovative holistic healing work is deep. I have an adept and keen ability to zero in on the source(s) and origin(s) of a client’s imbalances and trauma. I devote a lot of time to get to know my client’s intimately.  I create a safe and supportive space so you can heal.  I only work with a small handful of clients at a time so that I can devote necessary time and attention to get understand my clients intimately. My healing work focuses on you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. WHY?  Because, your physical health challenges are not coming from your body, they are coming from the stressful ways you are functioning and operating inside your body along wtih the stressful ways you are living your life.

Through my innovative holistic healing process, I have helped many client’s to become free of Cancer, Parkinson’s, Lyme’s, Trauma, Adrenal Fatigue and many other illnesses + diseases and enjoy a more healthy, happy, fulfilling and successful life.


How I Got Here

Honestly, I struggled with my health for most of my early years of life with very little answers, solutions and improvements.  I was a highly sensitive, intelligent and creative kid.  I was sensitive to most everything.  I exemplified symptoms of Autism.  Until I was 11 years young, if I was sitting down, I always rocked back and fourth.   By the time I was a teenager, I was struggling mentally, neurologically, emotionally and physically.  I was often overwhelmed, fatigued and depressed.   I searched for answers within western medicine, because this was all my family knew to do at the time.  I wasn’t seeing improvement’s in my health after many years of the western medical approaches.

As I entered my 20’s, I was deeply ready to heal, find help and be healthy.  So, I made my physical, mental, neurological, emotional and spiritual health my highest priority.   For the next 10 years of my life, I passionately studied and mentored with medical practitioners, chinese doctors, naturopathic doctors, holistic doctors, endocrinologists, neurologists, trauma experts, psychologists, chiropractors, spiritual practitioners, shaman, healers of many modalities, yoga and meditation.  Finding answers and solutions to my health struggles was not easy and required deep devotion and dedication on my part. 

Through this 10 year journey to heal myself I learned intimately how the human physiology functions, physically, mentally, neurologically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  I discovered how much Trauma was inside my Nervous System.  I realized how profoundly sensitive our human bodies are and that the level of health of our physical body is 100% directly related to how healthy you are mentally, neurologically, emotionally and spiritually.   I also realized how subtly and significantly the mental and emotional stress from my family was creating my physiological health struggles and suffering.   

Being highly sensitive had been such a struggle for me much of my early life.  Now I realize being highly sensitive is one of my superpowers enabling me to successfully help people be free of their illness, disease and trauma.  I also realize that my many years of struggling with my own health and many years of not finding answers and solutions was a blessing in disguise.   It helped me to deeply and intimately understand human health like few people do.  I could clearly see the root causes and thus, the cure for illness and disease.

The sustainable solutions to my suffering and struggling physiologically in my body was by healing myself at the mental + neurological + emotional + energetic + spiritual levels.  All the stress in my Internal Operating System at subtle and significant levels was causing my physiological health symptoms.

After over 10 years of studying, mentoring and healing with the world’s most brilliant and pioneering health experts and healers, I developed an innovative holistic healing process and lifestyle that consistently supports me to be sustainably healthy mentally, neurologically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and thus, physiologically.  My symptoms that I had struggled with for most of my life began to subside sustainably.   

People began to hire me to help them be sustainably free of their persistent health challenges, illness and disease.  The results have truly been consistently awe-inspiring!  These people, like me, had been struggling with their health, tried many western medical approaches and tried many holistic health approaches with little improvement in their health and wellbeing.   I feel deeply honored and blessed to consistently see my clients become free of their health challenges and enjoy a whole new level of health, happiness, fulfillment and success in their lives.

If YOU or someone you love is struggling with their health, I have deep compassion and understanding for what you are experiencing.  I struggled with my health for a long time.  YOU can be free of your health challenge(s), illness, disease or trauma!  I see it everyday with my clients!  This is possible for YOU too!  BELIEVE!


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I only work with a handful of clients at a time so that I can devote the necessary time and attention to understand you intimately so that I can successfully assist You to achieve the results you are desiring.

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