I Help People Heal Illness + Disease + Trauma.

I am a Medical Intuitive + Holistic Health Practitioner + Trauma Practitioner + EMF Radiation Consultant.

Through my Innovative Holistic Healing Process that I have developed over the last 15 years, I successfully help people learn how to be free of chronic health symptoms + illness + disease + trauma and enjoy a more sustainably healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

If YOU, or someone you love is struggling with their health, I have deep compassion and understanding for what you are experiencing. I can relate, as I really struggled with my health for a long time. Your Life is Not Over! YOU can be free of health symptoms, illness, disease and trauma! This is possible for YOU! I see it everyday with my clients.

Most of the people that come to me for help have been struggling with chronic health symptoms for a long time. They have tried all kinds of doctors, procedures, therapies, healers, diets, supplements, etc. Yet, they have continued to struggle! Is THIS YOU?

I am here to Assist You Step by Step, in a Safe and Supportive way, to Successfully Heal and Become Sustainably Healthy!

When I began my healing journey with Dalkoiya 8 months ago, I was in fear for my life.

For the last 2 years, I had been experiencing strange symptoms, and my ability to physically function and live my life was declining.

I had seen many doctors and specialists. I had done all types of testing to understand what was going on with my health. Two neurologists gave me the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and the prognosis that my life was basically over. I felt deeply depressed and I was very stressed. I was so overwhelmed and frustrated when I met Dalkoiya, I could barely go on.

I was ready to heal and be free of my symptoms and suffering!

Dalkoiya helped me save my own life! I had to do the work, though he showed me the way. He devoted a lot of time to me, getting to know me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I felt supported in a way I hadn’t by all the doctors and specialists I had been to in the last 2 years.

Dalkoiya has a wisdom and experience in holistic health and healing of illness, disease, and trauma at its source, rather than treating symptoms alone. His perspectives on disease and illness are so refreshing and liberating they create space for deep healing to happen.

Dalkoiya helped me in ways that no doctor, medication, or surgery had or could. He has such a profoundly peaceful and healing energy that I look forward to being in his presence every week.

After spending time with me weekly, for a few months, he felt I had been misdiagnosed, that I didn’t have Parkinson’s, but rather a tremor caused by a lifestyle of systemwide stress. This relieved a lot of anxiety for me, and opened up space within me, to heal.

Dalkoiya has helped me successfully learn how to live inside myself and how to live my life in ways that sustain my health and wellbeing. I was unconscious on so many levels of how I was living that were causing all the symptoms I was experiencing. I had subtle and significant habits, behaviors, patterns and addictions that were creating dis-ease and tremors in my body.

Dalkoiya has helped me become freer within, and has helped me redesign my life so that it nourishes, on all levels, my health and wellbeing. He helped me realize over time, in very loving and caring ways, that I was creating much of my suffering and symptoms of tremors. And, most importantly, he helped me learn how to function in healthier ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I now have a much greater understanding and connection to my body and how to listen to it and care for it moment to moment. I am honestly amazed at the level of health and wellness I am experiencing sustainably, now 8 months later! I am actually grateful for the tremor and the way it lead me to Dalkoiya.

I am consistently experiencing more peace and freedom within myself than I have ever felt in my life!

To be here now is truly astounding.

Thank you Dalkoiya!

Kevin Contreras

CEO + Eco Investor, Building Green Inc.

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