Twin Vortex Living Water Machine

A most magnificent day to you!

I am exceptionally enthused and honored to share The Twin Vortex Living Water Machine by Pillar of Light Enterprises with you today.

I feel exuberantly blessed to have ingested a plethora of quality waters through my years of research and experimentation. Everything from the best bottled waters from all over the world, to a variety of filtered waters and many alkaline machines including Kangen.

Certainly and absolutely the best water we can ingest is fresh from a spring right out of Mother Earth’s aquifer. It is alive, vibrant and balanced in the exact elements our physiology need to thrive sustainably. For most people fresh spring water is considered an exotic luxury!

Fresh water harvested from a spring feels and taste incredible. So incredible that drinking other waters, which there are many just aren’t satisfying to me any longer.

Recently following two weeks of only ingesting fresh spring water from a local spring I was presented with the opportunity to test The Twin Vortex Living Water Machine by Pillar of Light for an extended period of time. Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow + Wow………! The first serving I swallowed felt energetically and tasted amazingly similar to the fresh spring water had been ingesting! This is an astounding revelation to be this good from a machine.

“The Twin Vortex Living Water Machine is by far the most exceptional machine of its kind I have
discovered and tested by far.”

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✣ Why I love The Twin Vortex Living Water Machine……

• The water it produces is incredible quality
• Designed around Austrian Water Specialist Viktor Schauberger
• Includes design elements from the great Nikola Tesla
• This device infuses full-spectrum color into the water
• It Infuses sound into the water
• It infuses the water with Amethyst crystals
• It is balanced in feminine and masculine energy which is very significant
• The result is profoundly close to fresh, living spring water
• The team of people at Pillar of Light® are exceptionally wonderful!

——✣ Invest in Your Health, Order a TVLWM…….

I am immensely grateful to be an exclusive affiliate with Pillar of Light. I only create affiliations with companies that produce an extraordinary product and offer sincere customer service. This affiliation offers an immeasureable service to you while assisting this work that I love to do and share with you.


Dalkoiya Batchelor

Holistic Health Expert
EMF Radiation Inspector
Relationship Counselor