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I Help People Become Free of Illness + Disease + Trauma.

I am a Medical Intuitive + Holistic Health Practitioner + Human Behavior Specialist + EMF Radiation Consultant.

Through my Innovative Holistic Healing Process that I have developed over the last 15 years,  I successfully help people learn how to be free of Illness + Disease + Trauma and enjoy a more sustainably healthy, happy, fulfilling and successful life.

Your Body is Divinely Designed to Be Healthy. Your Body is Not Designed to Be Diseased.

Your Body Physiology is Divinely Designed to Create Health.  Every breath you breathe and every pulse of your heart, your body is functioning 24 hours a day, every day to do one thing, Be Healthy!  Your Body does not create Illness + Disease!   The stressful and imbalanced ways you are functioning inside your body, along with the imbalanced ways you are living your life create illness + disease.  These imbalances can be healed!

By far the most Important Asset You Have is Your BODY!


As a result of my healing journey with you, I can confidently say that my life has transformed for the better! Up until meeting you, I struggled with my health so much so, that it hindered my life as a whole.

Thanks to your help this last 6-months, I haven’t been sick frequently like I have for most of my life. My throat symptoms I often struggled with are gone. My immune system is more balanced. The stress and anxiety I often experienced, I rarely experience now. As a college student, my friends are amazed at how I can now balance so much with ease and little stress.

I feel more at peace in myself than I ever have in my life. Feeling this free and alive is so refreshing. I sincerely feel more amazing than I have felt in my life. I truly believe that Dalkoiya has the secret to living a healthier and happier life.

Julia Antonia

College Student